Singer/Songwriter Heather Larkin  now resides outside of Nashville, TN, where, most mornings, you will find her happily gazing out of  the windows at her busy birdfeeders while drinking strong coffee.  This is a far cry from her time in New York City where she gigged for years in clubs such as the legendary CBGB's, Arlene's Grocery, and Don Hill's; many  coffeehouses/cafes and of course,  a subway platform or two.   

Heather hails from St. Louis, MO, where she was weaned on a wide variety of southern/country rock,  pop, blues and folk music...all of which show their faces in her songs.  Her country-blues voice perfectly compliments her songwriting style: sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, (sometimes both) but always candid. Onstage, Heather's abandon invites comparisons to Patti Smith (although she maintains she's more like a rowdy Sheryl Crow) and thinks that her single biggest musical influence may be Neil Young.

These days, in between raising her daughter and working for a living, she's writing.  A lot.  Recording some.  Co-writing some.  But mostly, rubbing her hands together in anticipation of the future with a big-ass smile on her face.  Stay tuned!