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Heather Larkin: Music

Human Race

(Heather Larkin)
Heather Larkin

This song is an effort to express how sad and angry I feel every time I see/hear/read about people hurting animals or Mother Earth (of course, with no thought to the long-term implications of doing so...)


© Heather Larkin

LarkMuse Publishing, ASCAP


I’ve been here for some time

I tell you, I am losing my mind            

I don’t understand this place               

No I don’t understand this place


Bears on bicycles

People starving, but the cows are full           

This ain’t nothing but a disgrace

By the human race


See people closing their eyes

Don’t want to see what’s inside

Don’t want to know the real facts

Give me my blindfold, put it back


Disregard for culture

Disrespect for nature

Disrespect for every sacred space

By the human race


You say I get too upset

And I say, well ignorance is bliss

I just want to know the truth

I want to pass it on to you


Cruelty to people

Cruelty to animals

Cruelty to every living thing

What are we doing?

See what we’re proving

That we don’t deserve this place

Oh, the human race…

We just erase…