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Heather Larkin: Music

Family Way

(Heather Larkin)
Heather Larkin

I was around 7 months pregnant and about half out of my mind...although I was excited, I felt like an emotional basket case a lot of the time! I wrote almost the whole song in one sitting after a Dixie Chicks concert that I had been so psyched for but ended up being quite miserable...bloated, crammed into a tiny seat with no legroom, bursting into tears at odd moments...FELLAS! You don't know what you're missing!  (And, p.s., this is the most-requested song from my daughter!)

© Heather Larkin 2010 (ASCAP)

You say she's acting crazy
She knows it's true
Don't you think she would stop
If she could, for you?

Well, she's a little moody
But that's the price you pay
When you've got
A baby on the way

Family Way
She's in the Family Way
Emotions...all over the place
But don't you forget it
You got her this way

Now you say that you boys
Got it so tough
Dealing with the women
When we get nuts

Well, I beg to differ
With you my dear
'Cause you don't have the hormones
And you can drink beer


The backache, the heartburn
Her feet are all swelled-up
That rosy glow is just because
She just threw up
The waddle, the cankles
The tears and the fatigue
Her belly is so big
She can't see her own feet

(End chorus)
F-F-F-F-F-F-F-Family Way
She's in the Family Way
Emotions all over the place
But don't you forget it--
She wouldn't trade!
She's in the family way
She's due any day
She's in the family way...